We’re Not Done Yet

We’re Not Done Yet
We know we still have 

a Future Lifetime

to pick up 

Where We Left Off In This One

(Or Even Later in This One)

to try again. 

I still feel the same way about you as I did

then The same longing 

The same Feeling 

in That lifetime which has made its way into this

and will continue.

As our past has made its way into the present

still now

even as I write these words, 

it will make its way into our future. A future shared.  

And One Which Might Succeed.


Across the Miles

I look into your eyes

Dewy and deepest blue in the darkness

And you have no name

I know you
I know you across endless times past
There is no need for names; you have had many
as have I.
We know each other.
And now we know each other again

We hold our gaze

Joyful intent

We are blessed

And we will know each other again

I know your eyes…