Across the Miles

I look into your eyes

Dewy and deepest blue in the darkness

And you have no name

I know you
I know you across endless times past
There is no need for names; you have had many
as have I.
We know each other.
And now we know each other again

We hold our gaze

Joyful intent

We are blessed

And we will know each other again

I know your eyes…



Isn’t it funny how one person can make you go to the ends of the earth.

They’ll make you do things you’d never do.
Say things you couldn’t imagine yourself saying.
Buy things you thought you’d never bother with.
Experience life in a way you never thought possible.
Look in the mirror and see things about yourself you never saw before.
You laugh, cry, heal, forgive, love, trust, play, shout, promise, plan, talk, drive, walk, write… Over and over
And then one day
when it all goes quiet,
they’re just standing before you
but they’re driving you mad.
You look at them in the silence
And you realise
Why you did it all.
It’s buried under the rest of those words,
barely noticed as you trace them over.
One word.